The Movie

Still Standing is the first ever documentary exploring the life and struggle of Sindh and its people directed by award-winning director Mirko Pincelli and produced by Hong Kong – London – Rome based production company Pinch Media Film.

Dive deep into a journey spanning seven countries and over three years in the making to discover with Still Standing the story of the Sindhi community.

Being the homeland of the Indus-Valley Civilisation, Sindh has been one of the cradles of human civilisation with traces of complex settlements dated between 3000BC to 5000 BC.

Today Sindh is the only Pakistan province left undivided by the Partition of 1947, which resulted in up to 2 million deaths and 15 million people being displaced from their homes. Back then, the Sindhi Diaspora started, with Sindhi Hindus fleeing Pakistan for India and other countries, while Muslim from all over India fled into Pakistan, with large numbers reaching Sindh. 

Suddenly, the Sindhi community found itself to be a minority, with their culture and Sindhi language being supplanted by the Urdu speaking community and the remains of the British Empire’s influence.

Still Standing searches for the footprints of those who left, as well as digging into the stories of those who remained and are today living resiliently in an environment which became gradually more hostile for free thinkers and activists.

Through their stories, Still Standing unveils a tale of nationalism, radicalisation and division in a land which, once upon a time, was a home of florid cultures, religions and peaceful coexistence.

This film is about those who, today, are Still Standing.